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6 WTF Moments from ‘Pretty Little Liars’ 5.01 ‘EscApe from New York’


After a long hiatus, “Pretty Little Liars” is finally back with more twists, more lies and more A-team members than you can shake a shovel-that-supposedly-killed-Ali at! And with the fifth season premiere, we were provided with several moment where we just had to say “WTF?”

1. Shana shot Ezra!?

The reveal we waited for since the fourth season finale in March happened sooner than expected in a climactic (or was it anti-climactic? This reveal still seems to be too easy!) showdown between the liars and the mysterious hooded figure from the finale. And Shana said she was seeking justice. For who? P.S. It’s a possibility she could have wanted to kill Ali to seek justice for a still unseen character in the television series (and that’s if the writers decide to follow the books).

2. There’s an A army!?

OK, this was never news but did anyone ever expect a full-blown frigging mob? I mean, how ridiculous can the lives of these girls get when they are already targeted for death at least once a day? Also, the moment when the one hooded figure said “Wanna play?” during his attempted Ali ambush was one of the creepiest pre-commercial moments one can ask for. The creepy line is almost as scary as this little guy:



3. Melissa and Peter Hastings got a secret!? Can they keep it!?

No secret ever stays buried in the world of “Pretty Little Liars” and Melissa and Peter’s secret is sure to shake things up. Peter would do anything to protect his family’s reputation but what is he trying to protect them from this time? If Melissa has anything to say about it, the secret won’t be kept for long. And speaking of Melissa:

4. Mona has a frigging army!?

The girl has always had questionable motives but what could she have planned with a gang that includes Melissa, Paige and Lucas? How can Mona really be an all-seeing, all-knowing being?



5. Ali still has perfect hair even though she has practically been homeless for the past few years!?


It's so hard to be this beautiful./TVFanatic.com

It’s so hard to be this beautiful./TVFanatic.com

6. Fans are still watching the show!?

This is quite possibly one of the biggest WTF moments. The show is going into its fifth year and we still know just as much as we know from the pilot. And ABC Family even picked it up for a sixth AND seventh season. While it has been entertaining, there needs to be a true ending before the premise gets even staler than it has already become. Kaitlin Reilly said it best in her Bustle article. But no matter how tedious it may get, we’ll still look forward to the show every Tuesday night!

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